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Hey ya! I like the scratch one xD

The drop (if we can call him like that) make me very nervous, cuz is strange but, that's the point of this song ig.

Has I said before, I like the other one (before this one) I recommend you to be just a little different with these beats and his form of sound (not bad boy, I like it) just want to see something different and enjoyable :D

hope this can help you in the future ;3

SPURME responds:

Thanks Alot :)

Bro, I love this, that special feeling at the start of drums make me shake my bones. Good job dude :D

Also the drop is very constructive I just say, wow what a drop. Keep going man, I'll support you in any i can :]

SPURME responds:

Omg Thanks Alot!!!

This is wonderful, how you get this catchy beat and dubstep with just 3xOSC and maybe a FL Studio pluggin 0. 0

Very Cool! I love the Pad Chords in this one! the vocals're very cool, I feel the 80s/ 90s vibe, very cool!

Thx so much I love it! it is beautiful!

So good and clean! I guess you need to make different melodies or drops in part of the song but, I like it :D

DJ-AfterBurnz responds:

Good insight. I will focus on implementing more melodic involvement and variation. :)

I totally love this, it sounds perfect for a GD level :D

Totally epic!... I love how you make these drops, it makes me think of make a level in Geometry Dash :D

Thanks for your support by publishing your audio on platform like this (free) I'm a GD player so... I'll make a level with this song right now :D

I can finally rest in peace, good job on this masterpiece, I like so much the mix of the previous TOE .w.

I make songs... And something more... Not for commercial use, thx for understand

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